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Happy 21st Birthday!

You're Turning 21! Congratulations! I certainly hope your special day is a memorable one - both happy and safe.

Why mention safety? You may be thinking of celebrating this milestone with alcohol. Please, if you do drink, do so in a responsible manor. Over the past several years in the United States, an average of one college student each week has died from alcohol poisoning. Since 1994 we have had 15 alcohol related deaths in Bloomsburg. We do not want you to become a statistic.

I hope the morning after your 21st birthday celebration holds the promise of good health and much happiness. Congratulations again on your special day.

Stop Alcohol Poisoning - Save A Friend

Binge, or high risk drinking is directly related to negative consequences for college students, including vomiting, vandalism, victimization and violence.

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning:

  • Person is unconscious or semi-conscious
  • Person cannot be awakened
  • Person has cold, clammy, pale or bluish skin
  • Breathing is slow or irregular
  • Breathing is less than 8 times a minute with 10 seconds or more between breaths
  • Person vomits while sleeping or passed out
  • Person does not wake up after vomiting

If your friend has any of the above symptoms, he or she is suffering from acute alcohol poisoning and may risk dying if he or she does not receive medical attention.

What To Do:

  • Get Help! Call 911 immediately or on Campus Call 4911
  • Do not leave your friend alone. Turn your friend on his or her side to prevent choking on vomit.
  • Always "better safe than sorry" If your not sure what to do call for help.
  • Do not try to help your friend "walk it off" or "sleep it off. If your friend is unable to walk or is vomiting, he or she needs medical attention

Where to Find Help:

  • Emergency: 911 or 4911 on campus
  • The Women's Center: (570) 784-6631

  • BU's DAWN: (570) 389-4980

  • (Drug Alcohol Wellness Network)

The Bloomsburg Initiative

The Bloomsburg Initiative established in 1997 combines members of Bloomsburg University and the Town of Bloomsburg in an attempt to educate, prevent, deter and provide alternatives to alcohol use and abuse.

The Bloomsburg Initiative is composed of representatives of local government, University, school district, law enforcement, student bodies, liquor establishments, the legal system, and drug and alcohol treatment agencies. The team of persons listed have coordinated their efforts and provided a comprehensive approach to attack the problems associated with high risk drinking. The town government and University have partnered to take leadership responsibility and have provided in-kind- support from this community coalition.

One of several ID readers deployed at local establishments that help deter underage drinking.

Cops in Shops

Since 1997, the Bloomsburg Police Department has maintained an extremely proactive underage drinking enforcement program called Cops in Shops. The program's primary concern focuses on the safety and well being of the youth of the community. The program deploys plainclothes police officers throughout a variety of enforcement procedures to prevent and deter those persons under 21 years of age from purchasing and consuming intoxicating beverages.

Despite issuing 251 citations for under-age drinking arrests in 1999, Bloomsburg police have realized a decrease in offenses surrounding alcohol. The Cops In Shops Program developed a rapport with area liquor license holders in attempting to deter minors from entering their establishments and identify fake identification cards.

The Sobriety Checkpoint

Alcohol and controlled substances related driving and crashes continue to contribute significantly to Columbia and Montour counties and the Commonwealth's annual serious injury and fatality rate.

In Columbia County alone, nearly one-third of all criminal cases are driving while under the influence or related offenses.

The Sobriety Checkpoint program is integrated into an already aggressive enforcement program in place. Additionally, law enforcement continues to emphasize the importance of traffic safety, public information and education through the deterrence of impaired driving, underage drinking, seatbelt compliance, speed enforcement and enforcement of other traffic laws.

DUI Central Booking

The central Booking/Video Center provides an efficient means of collecting and preserving evidence in the prosecution of driving under the influence offences. The processing center allows prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, juries and defendants to accurately view and be presented with the defendant's activities and reactions at the time of their processing.

The booking center improves evidence collection of the defendant's blood and or breath, provides a structured interview of offenders while video taping a subject's chemical test refusal. It also increases patrol activity by reducing processing time with the DUI offender. Further, trial and preliminary hearing time for police officers and prosecutors will be reduced through improved quality, uniformity and visual aid for confronting the offender.

A direct correlation is the reduced threat of life and property to all residents by reducing and removing DUI offenders from our streets with an additional reduction of court hearing time in police operating costs.